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2014 BLOG – DAY 81 :: isn’t it ironic and radically sweet?

22 Mar

The other day I found this hanging on a wall and I had to laugh. I mean, how did I not know this?

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts!

Isn’t that ironic. Don’t you think? I do.

I also find it incredibly ironic that on the day I was given my diagnosis of DCIS a book review from Dr. Lissa Rankin popped into my email inbox.

The book?
Radical Remission.

So of course I ignored it. Too much for me to process all in one day. But today, I woke up and remembered the book title. I also signed up for Dr. Lissa Rankin’s 40 Day Health Challenge. This could mean that I am getting closer to “acceptance” and have moved through the sadness. I still want to go hit something really hard and relieve some of this anger brewing inside of me.

It comes out in mysterious ways. For instance, I am so MAD at the medical industry for making us women stick our boobs into a flattening machine, a.k.a. mammography. Isn’t there a better way?

I am so ANGRY that the local hospital gave me a death pamphlet of every single way I could possibly die (vegetable state, infection, etc.) when I checked in for a simple breast biopsy. “We just need this on file sometime. You don’t have to do it today.” Really? Then don’t give it to me today. The nerve!

I am so PISSED the nurse left me in the dressing room when the procedure was done. I had to walk myself out. Which meant I had to navigate the long hallway past the billing department and smile at the woman who handed me the death pamphlet. No goodbyes. No handshakes. Just a throbbing breast with an ice pack stuck in my bra.

But, really, the REAL reason is this:
I am so F*ing FED UP with feeling like my mother handed me a genetic bomb waiting to go off in my beautiful breast tissues when she died.

I’m working through this anger stage and getting much closer to acceptance. Tomorrow I plan to go hit the hell out of the weeds in the garden. They have to go anyway and this anger inside of me needs a final resting place.

Because I have come to the conclusion that this health thing is going to follow me around until I get to the root of it. Until I uncover the point, the lesson, the reason behind it all and how to fix it, something will keep rearing its ugly head.

Sounds a lot like head, heart, body, soul work doesn’t it? Sounds eerily familiar to Year 1 of The Promise 365.

And that’s because it is.
The first chapter of Radical Remission? Food. And the link between sugar and cancer. Maybe it’s not ironic that STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS?

There are nine total key areas for Radical Remission:

  • Radically changing your diet
  • Taking control of your health
  • Following your intuition
  • Using herbs and supplements
  • Releasing suppressed emotions
  • Increasing positive emotions
  • Embracing social support
  • Deepening your spiritual connection
  • Having strong reasons for living

There has to be a link here somewhere. I will of course see my doctors and plan surgery, but something has to change in this equation. And I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s me. Maybe that is the key to peak performance too?
It’s like deja vu.
But this time I have a much bigger reason to pay attention.

More tomorrow.

{do you have unreleased emotions?}
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