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2014 BLOG – DAY 82 :: what’s blooming?

23 Mar

I kept my promise today. I weeded the garden.

Well, I actually whacked it to pieces. It felt great to pound the ground. I made a list of everything I am angry and sad about and then I just pounded it into the ground.

Then I pulled the weeds and all was left was dirt and some strangling roots in the one section of the garden I was able to cover.

(When Justin arrived home he asked why part of the soil was turned up and uneven in the garden. Anyhooo….)

I highly recommend it. If you have any pent up emotions just go hit something, preferably the ground. I was given this great advice from a friend.

“Mother Nature can recycle it. She can take all that anger and neutralize it, then recycle it into energy somewhere else.”

So, Mother Nature, let me say thank you. I feel relieved. And I hope you’re able to use some of that energy to create pretty new blossoms somewhere else.

Speaking of blooms. We have strawberries! And mint!

We also have pink flowers on our trees.

A new season is here.
It’s almost ironic that I say this, but here goes:
Let the anger go and the growing begin.

More tomorrow.

{are you ready for spring?}
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