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2014 BLOG – DAY 83 :: set up for success?

24 Mar

Tonight is short, sweet and all about Brady.

All day long I look out this window and see these beautiful little flower buds on the tree.

Sometimes Brady, the dog that moves at warp speed, sits in the chair to look out the window too.

It’s one of the only times he sits still.

So I took a photo.

Catching him in slow motion is a skill and an art, so of course, I had to share it here!

It reminds me of peak performance, because Brady is at his best when he is running and jumping (not sitting). There’s something to learn from that…. putting yourself in an environment that will set you up for success.

Because when it comes to sitting, well, Brady is just kind of okay at it. He can do it. He will do it — especially if you offer him a treat.

But ask this dog to run? That’s when he really shines.
Jump? How high!
Run Brady, run. Good dog.

Don’t we all deserve to show off in the places where we shine? Instead of being asked to sit down over and over again?

More tomorrow.

{how are you set up for success?}
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