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2014 BLOG – DAY 89 :: beautiful weed, happy yellow & snail mail

30 Mar

I spotted this snail today. Hanging out on our front porch chair.







I pass this yellow chair everyday and never really see it.

I bought it because it made me happy. For as much as I love the color pink (I once had a pink computer) I love the color yellow. It’s my fave.

But somehow I don’t really look at the yellow chair anymore. It has become a part of my regular front porch routine. Until today. When I noticed a little snail took up residence on it.

After I snapped his photo I noticed a yellow spot on our lawn. The First Weed Of Spring!

A little “dandy lion” hanging out all on its own.

When I look closer I notice a little bug hanging out on the yellow dandelion. Just like the snail hanging out on my yellow chair.

I think it’s a reminder that there is a bigger world around us, even in the smallest petals of a weed or on a forgotten yellow chair that nobody sits on — except a snail.

The ironic thing is this:  the mailman leaves us “snail mail” on that yellow chair. When we are not home, after he rings the doorbell and nobody answers, he leaves packages on the yellow chair.

So I shouldn’t be surprised, should I?

More tomorrow.

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