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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 122 :: 7 secrets for a successful surgery

3 May

It’s a wrap!

At least it feels like I have turned a corner over here. Surgery is a week behind me. I have had time to heal and reflect. So today I am sharing some of the things that have been most helpful for me.

Below is my list of the best ways I have found to move through a life event like a surgery (or, as some of my favorite little boys say: “operation”).

If you, or anyone you know, has a surgery in their future please feel free to share. Because I truly believe the process can go smoothly, with ease and grace.

1. Heal in a beautiful place.
This is my favorite tip!  It was very important for me to look forward to being in a beautiful place to heal. I chose a little town on the Oregon coast with expansive beaches to walk and waves to watch. But beauty can be anything in your own home as well. Adding even just a few beautiful touches to your bedroom or cleaning out the clutter before your recover would go a long way to create a beautiful space just for you to relax and heal.

2. Lean on others.
I have no idea how I would have healed if I didn’t have the support of Jaynane and Justin. There are so many little things I couldn’t do for myself (like pull up my pants or put my left arm into a shirt sleeve). I relied on Jaynane to help me take a shower, dry the water off my back, and literally pull up my pants. Not to mention the help I needed to keep track of which medications to take at what times. I am lucky that Jaynane is a nurse by trade, but really, anyone who loves you could help look out for your needs, from the little ones to the big ones. It’s essential.

3. State your intention.
Throughout this entire medical process I have kept my intention set on making it an easy and smooth adventure. Part of that meant telling my friends about this intention and asking for their help to keep my spirits high. I wanted to move through this without heaviness or sorrow. My choice was to be light and focus on the beautiful moments. It was wonderful to have their love and support …and it made a huge difference!

4. Build a team.
Many people advise patients to get a second opinion. I agree, but I want to add to that. I chose to build a team to support me. This idea is inspired by Dr. Lissa Rankin who advises people to be at the center of their medical team and act like the leader of many experts. Not only did I reach out to a trusted doctor friend to find the right surgeon for my needs at a hospital that I trusted, I also built a support team around me. This includes my friends and family as well as host of special people with special skills, like an acupuncturist, medicine woman, and other people in the healing arts. The most important part is to feel like you have built a team that respects your highest good and your true wishes for health and healing.

5. Release Anger.
This may be the most important tip. Maybe it should have been Number 1, regardless, it’s a crucial step for preparing for a smooth recovery. I chose to weed the garden and wield a hoe in my hand, pounding the ground and releasing my anger. Mother Nature could handle it. And for me, it was a much needed (and healthy) release.

6. Focus on the Beauty.
After the initial shock of my diagnosis, and after I had worked through my anger, I decided to focus on the beauty — all the beautiful moments leading up to surgery and all the beauty around me in the meantime. It was in many ways a life saver. Try it…. it’s amazing and powerful and healing. You may be surprised what you see.

7. Breathe.
Finally, my last tip, while it is quite obvious, is good for the head, heart, body and soul. Just breathe. Taking deep breaths increases oxygen to the body which tells your cells that all is well. While stress shuts down the breathing reflex which decreases oxygen and starts the fight or flight response. So breathe. Deep, deep breaths will slow down your system and bring you back to a neutral state of mind. Which is so important as you make these important medical decisions.

Whew!  Onward and upward we go. May you and your loved ones have good health and a smooth healing journey.

More tomorrow.

{what are your secrets for healing success?}
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