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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 123 :: beautiful rainbow moments

4 May

My year started out seeking peak performance. Now I am searching for beauty. I’m still pondering the recipe for my personal best, but I am slowly realizing that it can’t occur without a major appreciation for the minor moments.

Like this:

It’s a rainbow. But not just any rainbow. It’s the kind that comes after waiting for the rain to go away.

Sometimes the most beautiful moments are found after the storm. After being whipped by the wind and pelted by the rain. It may be the only way to appreciate the vibrant colors that appear against a grey sky.

After all:

“Everybody wants happiness nobody wants pain
but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.”
― Zion Lee

Signing off for the night, somewhere over the rainbow. Happy. Content. Full of appreciation for the minor moments of sharing a day with family, rain, beach combing, art crafting and rainbow chasing.

It just may be peak performance.

More tomorrow.

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