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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 130 :: to all the moms

11 May

Happy Mother’s Day! To all the mommies, mammas, mothers and mama mias.

While right now I am just a mommy to four-legged kids, I couldn’t be more lucky with the moms I’ve shared in my life.

It’s been almost fifteen years without my own mom in my life. But Mama Sling left a shining example on my heart and in my life. And it couldn’t be more beautiful since the “mom” in my life now was her best friend then.

And today I was blessed to share Mother’s Day with Jaynane.

We toured the local vineyards and tasted the local wine. As we sat in adirondack chairs, soaking in the sunshine, sipping Syrah, and starring at the Applegate Valley, I couldn’t help but wonder if my own mother was looking down upon us.

There are some things that a mother always leaves with you, even when she is no longer psychically around. Sometimes it’s a song, a saying, a recipe, a reminder, a photo album, a baby book, a diary or a love letter.

Even though Mama Sling will always be with me, in my heart and in the shining rays of light that bounce of the beautiful moments of my life, she also left me something else.  Her best friend. And I couldn’t feel luckier.

Moms love.
Love moms.

More tomorrow.

{happy mother’s day}
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