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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 146 :: a happy puppy’s life

26 May

I couldn’t stop smiling today as Brady ran around the yard. He’s such a happy puppy.

He’s also a hot mess who gets into trouble, jumps the fence and walks on Grandma’s kitchen table (that is set with Christmas dinner – true story).

But we love him.
He’s SO happy all the time.

Even when he tries to jump on top of the refrigerator to sneak a cookie (this weekend). Or when he jumps into the shower with me to see what is going on (yesterday).  The latter just gave him an excuse to get a bath, and me a great big scare.
But he’s happy. And there’s nothing more sweet than a happy puppy.

Today, as we celebrate and remember I am left with this wish:  that we can all be happy puppies.

And that we have the freedom to enjoy that happiness.

More tomorrow.

{may freedom bark}
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