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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 166 :: saturday the 14th

14 Jun

‘Tis Saturday the 14th. So, of course, we watched the movie by the same name.

It’s on our summer movie list:

Actually, it kicked off our summer movie list.

Today also kicked off summer here in our little town. It was Frog O’ Faire in the city park. My first experience here of this summer festival hosted by the AAUW for the last forty years. There was even a frog prince. Seriously.

I volunteered for the first time and learned a few things.

For one, trees can talk. (Ask me about it!)

For two, children love beads and tie-dye and owls and TARANTULAS (check out Wildlife Images)!

For three, it was a really beautiful way to spend Saturday the 14th.

But most of all, nothing is more amazing that seeing little eyes light up. With creativity and inspiration. And new ways to explore the world around them.

More tomorrow.

{what did you do today?}
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