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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 181 :: a fleeting moment of beauty

28 Jun

In my year of seeking “Beauty” I am reminded that it can be so fleeting. And even as I keep my eyes open for beauty it catches me by surprise.

Out of the corner of my eye. On the sidewalk under my feet. The raindrops that catch on the windshield after a storm. And of course in the flowers that spring up out of the soil.

So today I share a moment of beauty that is meant to be fleeting. Not only is it a flower that blooms for one day, twenty four hours — these are TWO flowers that bloom in such a fleeting way.

The best part!
I was sent these photos from people I love – one from the west (Arizona) and one from the east (D.C.).  And I find that even more beautiful than the flowers themselves, that someone would take the time to send me something they found to be beautiful.

What goes around comes around, so today, I share and pass these on to you!

Argentine Giant Cactus, Echinopsis candicans.

Lilacea Tigridia

May you find beauty.

More tomorrow.

{what did you spot today?}
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