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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 185 :: a bird in hand…

2 Jul

Here it is! One of the implants that will soon be mine.

Those little dots on the bottom mark the “bottom” – ironically. The implant is teardrop-shaped, think more of a slope and less of a big round circle. And those two dots mark where the bottom sits, lines up, and needs to stay in place.

It’s hard to believe this will soon be in my body since the process has gone by so fast (relatively). And yet, I am so overcome with awe by science.

Blind me with science!

It’s amazing what we can do these days (and when I say “we” I mean you — doctors, scientists, inventors, people who make this possible).

It’s really quite astounding… and beautiful.

Plus, you know what they say… a breast in the hand… or was that a bird?

More tomorrow.

{what are you in awe of?}
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