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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 186 :: put a bird on it oregon!

3 Jul

We officially live in Oregon. I guess it’s taken me an entire year to realize this rather obvious fact.

It’s just that we move so often, that this is a record, and still sort of surreal.

So to mark our one year anniversary of migrating to the West Coast I am officially putting a bird on it.

Made famous by the show Portlandia, but possible by IKEA. AND….made easy by my friend Sheryl who sent us a moving/house warming gift a year ago. It was a gift card to IKEA and it has taken a year for me to use it.

I couldn’t pass up these glow in the dark solar powered bird lights sitting on the streamlined, flat-packed, easy to assemble shelf at IKEA PDX.

I mean short of wearing Nikes and plastering a huge “O” in the driveway, or growing our own kale, we are almost official Oregonians.

Wait, strike that, we do grow our own kale.

Okay, so we really do live in Oregon. I think it’s a requirement that we put a bird on something.

Even if it’s the front porch and lights up only at night.

Which is pretty beautiful I might add.

More tomorrow.

{put a bird on it}
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