Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 195 :: even superman needs a parking spot

12 Jul

I’m on the lookout for beautiful things these days. And I found something pretty beautiful today, quite unexpected: a parking spot.

For Superman!

There were actually spots for Spiderman and Captain America and all their superhero friends too outside the KidsZone area of my gym.

I couldn’t help but think it was brilliant and beautiful in its own way. They know their customers well, even the littlest of ones who look up to Batman and The Hulk and Spidey.

And I think it’s a good lesson in peak performance — knowing how to turn something as ordinary as a parking spot into something meaningful and extraordinary.

Beauty is everywhere. 

More tomorrow.

{see something extra-ordinary?}

One Response to “Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 195 :: even superman needs a parking spot”

  1. Anonymous at 10:14 PM #

    How great you are at finding beauty and showing us.

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