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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 198 :: pretty purple petals and fleeting flowers

17 Jul

Just a little beauty from me to you tonight.

This little beauty bloomed today.

It’s neighbor, the yellow bloom I posted two days ago, is already shriveled up and gone. Just. Like. That.

So tonight, we clipped this little beauty and placed her in a vase (inside, away from the 100-degree heat).

It’s a simple reminder of sorts, to appreciate the beauty under your nose. Capture it, with your heart. Or a camera. Or a vase.

I suppose the most important part is to pause. Enjoy simple beauty pause right now.


More tomorrow.

P.S. Somehow my days are off and I have now officially corrected it. Today is the 198th day of the year.


{what did you capture today?}

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