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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 292 :: almost home milestones

21 Oct

Almost home! Milestones!

I’m on the plane, headed home. I will officially post this when I land. But for now, I’m writing on a plane, reflecting on some serious milestones from my two-week adventure from Portland to Chicago to Houston to Dallas to San Francisco and back again.


It’s good to be on the home stretch. And speaking of stretching, I’m quite proud of my own personal milestones while I have been away. My STRETCH goals if you will.

You see I paid to check my big, heavy bag on this trip. PAID the airlines to pack my luggage for me. Today when I plopped the big bag on the scale at the United gate the digital reader flashed a red “50” back at me. Fifty pounds is the limit. Fifty pounds it is!

Not only did I pack my bag perfectly to the fifty-pound limit, I also lifted a fifty-pound bag.

See? Milestones. Here are some more from my big circular trip around the west.

  1. I have officially touched the floor with my arms. The reason I brought that big heavy bag with me on this trip was to drag my yoga mat along for the ride. My aim was to keep up my commitment to my Pilates stretching. And, I am happy to report I used it.
  2. I’m also thrilled to report I touched the floor with my arms. Laid out on my back with my arms spread wide I touched the back of my hands to the floor. This may seem like a common, normal, everyday sort of thing. And it used to be for me B.M. (before mastectomy).  But not now. These days touching the floor with my hands in an uber accomplishment. A celebration. A call for happy tears.
  3. I also ran on the treadmill. Ran. On. The. Treadmill. Also a first since B.M. Okay, so I only ran for like 30 seconds at a time, but did you read that I ran on a treadmill!!??

Small milestones add up.

And these small stretches are stretching and pulling my body back into peak performance. I’m still just a shadow of my former physique, but I can feel my muscles inching back. One itty, bitty, tiny, infinitely small move at a time.

And that’s a great reminder for me.
It only takes one move to create the next.

What’s your next move?

More tomorrow. 


 {what’s your next move?}
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