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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 300 :: it’s day 300

29 Oct
The year is winding down and revving up all at the same time. Can you feel it?

Today is Day 300 for those of you keeping track. And today I hit another STRETCH goal. The back of my arms and hands touched the floor, while laying on my back. While this used to be just a normal, everyday occurrence for me, it’s been well out of range for a while, post surgery. I had recently touched down the tips of my fingers, but today I felt the floor upon my arms.

Little moves. Little steps. Little stretches. They all add up.
Plus a little resistance too.

I learned a little trick that AMAZES me. My pilates instructor who is helping me through this PT period had me place 30% resistance against my arms. By pushing forward against her hands and then releasing my arms back to the ground it allowed my range of motion to move backward and stretch further above my head. (It’s hard to describe, but trust me here, it worked. Like magic!)

We’ve been doing this little “trick” for my last two sessions and it is absolutely astounding to me that my range of motion it has increased — instantly. With just a little resistance.

I’m flabbergasted by it. And yet, I’m not surprised at all. Because sometimes resistance makes us stronger.

In work, in body, in life. And if not stronger, a little resistance can at the very least help stretch us to extend further, so that next time the extension is easier. More fluid. More in control. Until you touch the floor. THE FLOOR!

Magic. Pure magic.

More tomorrow. 

 {what stretches you?}
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