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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 332 :: from frozen to chef, fear to love

30 Nov

In a Thanksgivingpalooza moment we made a turkey tonight, complete with mashed potatoes and stuffing… and cranberry sauce. What can I say? We were tempted. The turkey was half price! Why not do Thanksgiving all over again? 

So we did. 

We also watched two movies in the spirit of the Turkey-Weekend-Bonanza. I must admit we are a year late to the Frozen arena, but now I am up to speed. Let it go… Let it go… will never mean the same to me now that I have actually seen the movie. I mean, honestly, I thought Elsa was the main character with all the Halloween costumes of little girls in baby blue… but I think it was actually Anna?

And then, tonight, we watched Chef.

Both movies are peak performance masterpieces in their own right.  In many ways, both are about optimism and challenge. Uniqueness and passion over outcast differences. Mostly they profess the power of choosing love over fear.

Another theme in peak performance.

It takes a boldness, a knowingness, a vision of what can be in order to make it so. Whether it’s in a castle of ice or a food truck on the street. Building a snowman or a career based on passion. Work, play, every single day…. the lesson seems to be the same.

Choose love.
More tomorrow. 


 {do you want to build a snowman?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 331 :: but why?

29 Nov

Tonight I participated in my first Civil War. Since we have officially moved to Oregon I am officially learning the way of the land, and the way of war, when it comes to Oregon State and the University of Oregon.

Luckily this war includes mostly chips and guacamole, with a round of Thanksgiving leftovers. But, still, the stakes were high.

Right as the game started, as all the little kids professed their team pride and announced who they wanted to win, one little boy said:

“I don’t care who wins as long as somebody wins!” He said it with a joyous smile. He meant it in the most sincere way. We assured him that his wish would come true.

It reminded me of my own little girl self. The one who wanted everything to be good for everyone and constantly asked, “But why?” when it wasn’t.

I didn’t understand most concepts of winning and losing, and certainly not fighting and war. Many times I asked my father to explain it to me over and over and our conversations always ended with me saying two words. BUT WHY?

At one point I thought I solved all conflicts of the world forevermore. I knew how to prevent any further death or dying on the account of any war. My solution? A golf tournament.

I couldn’t understand why the adults around me didn’t understand the beauty of my solution. No one would die in a golf tournament. No one would get hurt in a golf tournament. Everyone would have to play by the rules and the winner would be clearly chosen based on their “peak performance” by hitting a little tiny white ball instead of somebody else.

Of course that idea went nowhere. But I really like the little girl who came up with it. In some ways I wish I could tell her she was smarter than she knew.

But tonight, I am happy to reassure a little boy that the Oregon Game had a winner. The Ducks took home the prize and advance on to the next game. In my opinion it’s still not as civil as a golf tournament, but I’m sure both winner and loser took home some serious lessons in peak performance.

But why?

More tomorrow. 

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 {what questions do you have?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 330 :: best day ever

28 Nov

This morning my coffee cup predicted my day. It said, “Best Day Ever” right on top of the lid.

And I think that’s pretty powerful. Starting the day off with a strong intention. Even if it comes from the top of my coffee cup instead the top of my head.

Still powerful. And positive.

Today I also read more of the book The Seat of the Soul. It is quite literally blowing my mind. One quote at a time. Today a line jumped off the page right out at me:

“Where your attention goes, you go.” 

It sums up the whole point of this promise, and every promise I have ever made. What I intend I live. What I promise comes true (even if it’s not the exact path I expect.)

I know this to be real in the physical world too. In basketball, where your eyes go the ball goes. In driving, where your hands move go the car goes.  Where your attention goes, you go.  So it shouldn’t surprise me that it’s a universal rule.

And that makes me wonder…
Why not start every day with a focus and intention that it’s going to be good? Even great. Maybe even …the…Best. Day. Ever.

More tomorrow. 

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 {what is your intention?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 329 :: turkey thursday and leftovers

27 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!
This was the only turkey we made around here today:

(recipe here)

The turkeys were a hit with the younger set at the dinner table  (not so much their parents — sorry!).  Maybe sometimes peak performance comes in trying a new recipe? Or maybe just a sugar high.

But something tells me these leftovers won’t be quite as satisfying.

More tomorrow. 

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 {what is your favorite leftover?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 328 :: just do it, the moment of failure

26 Nov

What was your peak performance moment of the day?

As we wrap up a short work week over here and get ready to celebrate some serious PIE and TURKEY, I am happy to report my new record.

One minute and forty one seconds! 

That was my plank today. I am amazed at what showing up and sticking to a routine can do for the body. Specifically for my pilates plank. If you have been around here for a while, you know that I started off at 30 seconds. I keep inching forward, every week, without practice, to a longer plank.

And it’s getting easier. Because I keep showing up. Even on days when I don’t feel like it, when I’m tired, when I’m sad, when I’m worn out, stressed out and laid out.

I keep showing up and doing that damn plank.
And you know what, it keeps getting better. Because I am pushed to the moment of failure. I go until my arms shake so hard my body starts to lose it’s grip.

But it’s the moment of failure that makes me stronger. (Isn’t that always the case?)

And that makes me remember some really important advice:
Stick to it.
Keep on it.
Just do it. 

Here’s to your peak performance. 

More tomorrow. 

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 {what can you stick to, keep up, just do?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 327 :: seeing clearly

25 Nov

It’s time. My glasses are goners. I need a new pair that will sit on my nose properly. These specs are all stretched out, plus it’s time for the new prescription anyway.

It makes me reflect on the fact that it’s hard to have peak performance when your glasses are slowly becoming out of date. Or sliding down your nose.

And so, a trip to the optician is in my future! Fun!

It also gives me pause about clarity. If there is one thing that this year has taught me, it is the power of being clear. The power of thinking clearly. And how that leads to a clear path of where you want to go.

Granted, a breast cancer diagnosis was a fast pass to clarity for me. Still, clarity is a gift.

So…. Are you clear about where you are going and what you want?

What do you see in your future?

More tomorrow.

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 {are you clear about where you are going?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 326 :: they’re back…..

24 Nov

Look what’s back…. out in action…. all over town.
The Nutcracker Suite!

I think that means it’s time to ramp up some peak performance for the holidays and the end of the year.

For me that means reflecting back on my goals for this year and stirring up a new set of goals for next year.

What are you planning for next year?  It’s never too late to begin…..

More tomorrow. 


 {what are you planning for next year?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 325 :: sunday cuddle day

23 Nov

Somedays are just made for cuddle days… especially if you have a built-in pillow. That’s what we call Pup Peak Performance! 

Happy Sunday, here’s to the week ahead!

More tomorrow. 


 {what will you do this week?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 324 :: it’s getting hot in here

22 Nov

Some life lessons are so hard to learn… yet some are just so obvious. 

Like silicone. Did you know it gets cold? And hot.

Really hot. Especially if you sit in a sauna. Some lessons you just don’t know until you experience them first hand — take it from this woman who left the sauna with BRIGHT RED breasts.

I’m getting used to this new peak performance body.
You live. You learn.

More tomorrow. 


 {what have you learned lately?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 323 :: the gym is calling, the gym is calling

21 Nov

Peak performance moment today:  I went back to the gym.

It’s been months. MONTHS! When I checked in at the gym the guy at the front desk confirmed that it’s been exactly 120 days. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DAYS! Since I have been to the gym.

That’s hardly peak performance.

I will console myself with the fact that I had a surgery in the middle of that and I have been going to private Pilate classes for physical therapy… but still.  120 days. Ouch!

I will admit, it did feel good to go to the gym.

As I sat in the sauna I counted in my head all the things I have done in the past 120 days.
– surgery
– wrote 120 blog posts
– travelled around the country and back again
– saw Oprah
– went to the Bridge School Festival with a myriad of rock stars (go Flo!)
– raised my Pilates plank from 30 seconds to a 85 seconds (no small feat)

It’s a good reminder to me to not get so upset for not going to the gym.

Because a lot can happen when you don’t go to the gym.
And still… it’s good to be back.

More tomorrow. 


 {what do you want to get back to?}
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