JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 320 :: raking up the year

18 Nov

Well it’s official…. we own a leaf blower. And mulcher.  I suppose this day was to arrive and that it shouldn’t be a surprise.

But still… we own a leaf mulcher. Ack!

As the leaves continue to FALL I am thinking about peak performance and the year this universe had dealt me. It’s been quite a ride. And even though most of the leaves that have blossomed and wilted are now sitting on the ground I know there are a few yet to fall before this year ends.

I’m excited to see where they land (before I suck them all up in our new TORO leaf blower mulching maniac machine and wait for spring).

The seasons are changing. The year is wrapping up. Peak performance is whispering in my ear to soak it all in before it ends.

Which I know really means opportunity awaits. 
What are you packing up or raking up to make room for something new?

More tomorrow. 


 {what is your best season?}

One Response to “JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 320 :: raking up the year”

  1. Diane Neal Emmons November 19, 2014 at 10:07 PM #

    Our garden tractor croaked (loaned out as well as here) and gerent.ol..old!
    But tenant is raking, bless him.

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