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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 331 :: but why?

29 Nov

Tonight I participated in my first Civil War. Since we have officially moved to Oregon I am officially learning the way of the land, and the way of war, when it comes to Oregon State and the University of Oregon.

Luckily this war includes mostly chips and guacamole, with a round of Thanksgiving leftovers. But, still, the stakes were high.

Right as the game started, as all the little kids professed their team pride and announced who they wanted to win, one little boy said:

“I don’t care who wins as long as somebody wins!” He said it with a joyous smile. He meant it in the most sincere way. We assured him that his wish would come true.

It reminded me of my own little girl self. The one who wanted everything to be good for everyone and constantly asked, “But why?” when it wasn’t.

I didn’t understand most concepts of winning and losing, and certainly not fighting and war. Many times I asked my father to explain it to me over and over and our conversations always ended with me saying two words. BUT WHY?

At one point I thought I solved all conflicts of the world forevermore. I knew how to prevent any further death or dying on the account of any war. My solution? A golf tournament.

I couldn’t understand why the adults around me didn’t understand the beauty of my solution. No one would die in a golf tournament. No one would get hurt in a golf tournament. Everyone would have to play by the rules and the winner would be clearly chosen based on their “peak performance” by hitting a little tiny white ball instead of somebody else.

Of course that idea went nowhere. But I really like the little girl who came up with it. In some ways I wish I could tell her she was smarter than she knew.

But tonight, I am happy to reassure a little boy that the Oregon Game had a winner. The Ducks took home the prize and advance on to the next game. In my opinion it’s still not as civil as a golf tournament, but I’m sure both winner and loser took home some serious lessons in peak performance.

But why?

More tomorrow. 

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