JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 346 :: eating ice cream

16 Dec

Last night I wrote about ice cream. Tonight I ate some.

Earlier this week one of my Aunt’s declared that sometimes I cheat on this blog…. meaning I don’t always write a long one. Some times I phone it in, paste a quote, keep it short, etc. She’s right. It’s true. And tonight is one of those nights.

But I promise to show up. And sometimes showing up is all that matters.

Want a replay from last night? 
“There is a joy in the actual taste of vanilla ice cream that does not come from knowing the chemical formula of vanilla. There is a joy, an inherent aliveness in the body that you can experience if you pay attention to your body. But if you live up in your head, in your words all the time, you don’t notice it.”
– Charles Tart

More tomorrow. 


 {so what IS better than ice cream?}

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