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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 21 :: sharing bliss

21 Jan
I have to admit I feel a bit sheepish after complaining last night about failing my drivers knowledge test. The indignant teenager inside of me reared her ugly head. I especially felt like biting my tongue after watching this video from New England Disabled Sports.

It was sent to me by family members who are raising money to help NEDS keep up their good work in the world. And, I have to say, it makes me pause and be totally amazed at the joy these athletes must experience when they speed down a mountain for the first time. (And of course, be grateful for the abilities I do have. Cue the disappointment in myself for complaining last night.)

But we are here to talk BLISS!
So I give you this:

There are so many ways to share bliss. If you want to learn more about New England Disabled Sports, please click here.  If you want to share your resources and give back then check out this link.


More tomorrow.

 {ready to do some good?}
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