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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 22 :: coming back from failure

22 Jan
The good news: I passed my drivers knowledge test today.
The bad news: It was tricky.

I was sweating as it came down to the final three questions. I answered the last question correctly after sitting in my chair looking at the screen trying to differentiate the subtle nuances between answers A or B.  A or B? A or B?  They were so similar, it made my head hurt.

I mean, seriously, does the drivers knowledge test need to be quite so tricky? It’s not a college entrance exam. The Drivers Manual is mostly cold, hard facts, much of which you have to absorb in the real world, on real roads, behind a real steering wheel and make a decision in a matter of split seconds.

But enough of my complaining…. I passed!

There were many who didn’t. As I stood in line waiting for my photo to be taken I overheard a mother scold her son on the way out of the DMV. “No XBOX for you until you pass this test.”

Part of me wanted to tell her that the test wasn’t so easy. Then part of me realized that maybe it’s a good thing the test isn’t a piece of cake. As the manual says, “driving is not a right, it is a privileged.”

And that’s a privilege I am thankful for.
Oh bliss!

More tomorrow.

 {what privilege are you thankful for?}
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