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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 25 :: birthday eve #yougotthis

25 Jan
It’s my birthday eve. So this weekend I treated myself to some of the things that bring me bliss, all in prep for the birthday “day” (which being on a Monday makes it somewhat of a, well, not a Friday).

Some of my favorite moments: 
– Spa!
– Hair!
– Nails!
– Mocha!
– Chinese Take Out!
– Movie!
– Justin’s homemade dinner!

But I have to admit, I feel pretty neutral about this birthday. Maybe because it’s hard to beat the surprise party my besties threw last year that left me in total shock. And in an absolute bubble of love. Good thing too. Less than a month later I was diagnosed with a lump in my left breast and ushered into my 40th year with a handful of surgeries.

So this year, I’m celebrating The Big Day by trying to enjoy the everyday.  Like taking a second away from my phone and email to make a moment for day dreaming at the spa. Like noticing how soft my hair was after a new cut and color, each strand tamed and silky smooth. Like marveling at the way the Chinese Take Out box was perfectly stacked as not to spill on the way home.

I even had a deep belly laugh at the message on top of my coffee cup this weekend, as it reflected back to me the words, “You Got This” since that was my mantra last year.

Because if there is one truth I am understanding more and more with age, it’s that turning a year older is a privilege, not a right (thank you DMV manual for that nugget of wisdom!). 

It’s interesting…. the things that bring me bliss are getting more simple each year. 

But some things never change. Tonight I am breathing deeply to reflect on the incredible appreciation I have for lifelong soul mates, new adventures, and old friends. Here’s to another year.

It’s a privilege.
And a pleasure.

More tomorrow. 

 {what are your simple pleasures?}
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