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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 26 :: what if everything went right?

26 Jan
I started off my day with a birthday surprise…  a beautiful message from my Aunt sitting on my iPhone which I read while sitting in the bathroom trying to wake up to another year.  It said, “I like to think of you and Amy standing 3 1/2 feet tall and needing your hair braided. Celebrate and have a blissful birthday!”

It’s hard to believe I was ever only three and a half feet tall. I feel like I was born standing at a full six feet, hitting my head on door jams, tripping over my own feet, you know, the stuff that tall girls are made of. Of course I’ve grown out of that awkwardness… mostly…but there are few people in my life that remember braiding my hair. It felt like a hug in the most wonderful way.

And then these Gorgeous Flowers arrived!

And then I opened up this Bracelet that arrived in the mail! 

And then I remembered that it is Brady’s birthday too. Or at least the closest that we know of…. he’s now three. THREE!

I also traced over a new saying on my chalkboard to further solidify this next  year of my life. It says… “What if everything went right?”

And somewhere in the middle of all that, and the everyday regular Monday conference calls of planning and work and to do lists, I thought of my Mama Sling. 

My birthday is really “her” day in so many ways. I have spent most of my life intoxicated with the idea that my birthday is all about me, you know the candles, the wishes, the presents. But really, I can’t imagine what she went through on that day. A day of birth that was really about her dreams, full of anticipation and doctors, of plans and preparation for herself as a mother and the baby she carried for nine months to ultimately usher into this world with a bang. I broke her tailbone.

I wish I could hear her tell me the story all over again about the day I was born. This time I would listen and and hear it from her perspective, see it through her eyes, and appreciate the life that she created for me. And then, of course, I might ask her to braid my hair.

Because in those moments, everything went right. And there’s something I know that is beyond true:  the more we focus on that which is right the more we receive it.

So here’s to a year of everything going right.
What if?  

More tomorrow. 

 {what if everything went right with you?}
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