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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 44 :: love and cuteness overload

13 Feb
Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. And I sit here with a Vizsla cuddled up on my lap as I try to write this post. It’s his way of saying I LOVE YOU in dog speak. That’s why they call them Velcro Dogs. And it totally melts my heart.

Tonight, as I sat on the floor, playing with the dogs, Justin announced. “It’s a good thing you love dogs so much.”

It’s true. I do. And I waited a very long time to have my own dog as an adult. In my previous life/marriage I couldn’t have a dog. It was forbidden for reasons I still don’t understand. So now, as it is for most people who wait a long time to get what they want, I appreciate the dogs in my life. Greatly.

Bliss, if you will.

So if you need an overload of cuteness before Valentine’s Day, just type the word “Vizsla” into the Pinterest search bar. You will see this!  Or, just type in whatever it is that your heart pines for, longs for, dreams of…. Loves.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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Love. Bliss. Win!

More tomorrow. 

  {what does your heart long for?}
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