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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 50 :: art challenge part 2

19 Feb
As part of this Art Challenge, I think I’m supposed to post and share some art. So today I am actually posting real art. Or at least it was from a real art class in college.

The best part of this art piece is the hidden meaning. It’s titled ENO.

ENO is actually from college. In the middle of an art class I was trying to make a powerful statement about women and the power of ONE. But, what I learned was the power of a screen printing press.

I’m sure you’ve already spotted the issue. ONE became ENO in the screen printing process. It made for a good laugh, and then a really good t-shirt with a hidden meaning for my college friends. I gave the original print to by bestie Laura. She graciously displayed it on a wall in her house for a very long time.

So tonight, I give you THE POWER OF ENO. Sometimes the power of one is more elusive than you know. But then again, doesn’t the best art alway have a secret meaning?

More tomorrow.

  {feel the power of one?}
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