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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 53 :: art challenge part 5

22 Feb
It’s officially the last day of The Art Challenge. I am on to the finale, Day 5. Ironically tonight was dedicated to the arts, being the grand night of OSCAR.

Of course I was mesmerized by the speeches and the dresses. Oh, the dresses! And the one-liners. If you want a recap, just check out this overview of acceptance speeches and Neil Patrick Harris jokes.

Does that count as art? Yes. Maybe?

Okay then, I leave you with this.

For the Art Challenge Finale, I am publicly sharing that I am working on a memoir.  It’s been quite the work in progress, over years of sidetracking surgeries! I let the cat out of the bag on the interview I did today (in case you were there!). So in honor of ART… here’s a few paragraphs from my working manuscript.

It’s a little excerpt, but it’s a big move for me to share. Writing is a very intense process. An art that continually unfolds and it’s somewhat of a moving target.

So this is me sharing more about how my mother taught me about clothes.
Mama Sling taught me how to inspect a hem for craftsmanship, a lining for quality, or a button for security. She taught me how to scope out a sale and compare designer quality with comparable knock-off items. As I grew, she gently distracted me from unflattering garments without deflating my fragile teenage confidence. She never pointed out the awkward bumps developing on my body or how they pulled the fabric of my clothes. Burgeoning hips. Flat chest. Lanky arms. Long legs. Four eyes.

However, she did tease me about my gargantuan size-ten feet, or “boats” as she preferred to label them. Possibly because she knew my love of shoes would outweigh any mental damage she could inflict. Or, maybe because she knew all the other parts of my body were off-limits for any kind of teasing. My sensitive, artistic, little soul couldn’t handle it. She protected every fiber of my emerging self-identity – whether it was pepping me up before my basketball games or helping me find the perfect prom dress. She always made me feel like a special combination of pretty and strong – even when I was taller than all the boys and growing faster than my jeans could keep up. 
So there it is. And now I keep writing.
Art calls.

More tomorrow.

  {what is your artful project?}
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