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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 55 :: giving money away

24 Feb
I LOVE it when people send me good news. It goes right along with the Bliss Theme of the Year. So I couldn’t help but LOVE this article about Gert Boyle from my friend Laura.

Read the full article:

Gert is known as the CEO in charge of Columbia Sportswear but I have a feeling she will be remembered for her latest 100 million dollar donation to the Knight Cancer Institute.

Which makes me happy for so many reasons (not to the mention the fact that this donation is going in part to the hospital that took care of me!)  More than anything I love the mission behind all of this, to get rid of cancer forever, and of course Gert’s reasoning for the large donation:

 “I wanted to give it some place rather than have government buy bullets,” she says. “Bullets are not going to do anybody any good. All you have to do is look at history; killing people isn’t going to do anybody any good.”

Here here. Love more my dear.
Bliss on!

More tomorrow.

  {how are you feeling blissful?}
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