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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 66 :: going after what you love

7 Mar
First, I want to show you this photo.

It looks like an epic fail.

But, really, it was Brady in all of his excitement trying to be with his people. We were in the backyard trying to give Pup a chance to play with the ball while taking photos of our thirteen year old dog. Three-year-old Brady was in the house and not happy about being left out.

So in one fell swoop he jumped at what looked to be an open window.
It was not.

Out flew the screen and with it came Brady tumbling after.

I have to give Brady credit. He goes after what he loves. He loves food. He loves bones. He loves sticks. And he loves his people more than anything. Viszlas are called “velcro dogs” for that reason.

So of course we asked Brady to jump through the now screen-less door window until I could get the photo just right.

It’s funny to me how much this dog has taught us.

He taught Pup to run again, even after his back injury, he gave Pup a reason to chase after a ball in the yard. He has taught me to never leave my food unattended. He has taught us all how to be carefree ….even when getting in trouble but especially when giving cuddles and loves and hugs.

And he continues to teach all of us to go after what we love. To unabashedly go after what we love.
Such is Brady. Such is bliss?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore, do more.

  {what are you going after?}
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