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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 74 :: delicate and strong

15 Mar

It rained all day today. But somewhere in the morning midst the sun peaked out for a show. I couldn’t help but notice the rain drops glistening outside my office window, on the tree, showing off the leaves that are growing right before my very eyes.

They doubled in size overnight. As if the rain alone made them sprout.

Then I noticed there was a spider web lit up by the water and light. So fascinating to me, not because I am still trying to control my immense and odd fear of spiders, but mostly because the web is so delicate and fragile, yet so strong and resilient. Especially in the rain.

I find that holds a lesson inside of it. What is delicate can be deceivingly strong. Even when it is stretched. But it can only stretch so far.

It’s a symbolic reminder to me of my own delicate strength. I have spent most of the weekend wiped. Spent. Flat out tired. Grumpy. Sad. Sore. I have pushed myself a little too far a little too fast with yoga and hot yoga and pilates.

Which brings me to this:
Sometimes it’s hard to know how fast to recover in recovery while still recovering.

So while my body is strong, I realize in my spun out state, I am not unlike that spider web. Strong as steel, yet susceptible to the wind and rain.

So today I vowed to go a bit slower. Starting by painting my nails, which out of pure dry time forced me to slow down. But also in the pace of my body and the moves it makes.

My medicine woman recommended Yin Yoga. Yin? Yes. Sounds so less powerful than Power Yoga to me. But I gave it a try. So much slower and delicate. Turned out it was just what my body needed.

As I stretched in a more delicate way today, I realized there may be even more strength in slow. Ironically, for me, the girl who never wants to slow down, that’s a challenge.

But slow and steady may win this race.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore, do more.

  {what feels slow for you?}
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