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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 81 :: march madness continues!

22 Mar
It’s March Madness!

Last night I logged in and guess what? I had only two teams wrong. Placed in the 99.6% and moved up to 51,051th place out of 11.57 million brackets.

Here’s proof of this madness:

And here’s tonight’s madness… or badness.  
My bracket standing is at 3,623,663 place!

My bracket has been busted. Oh well.
It was bliss for a moment. Or, maybe it was happiness for a moment. I once read that happiness needs unhappiness to be defined, whereas bliss doesn’t need an opposite. It just “is” what it is.

But my Bracket Bliss is now such sweet sorrow.

More tomorrow.

  {do you have bracket bliss?}
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