JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 85 :: i never knew…

26 Mar


It’s funny what this writing every day process does… it isolates the mundane and accentuates the positive, or at least whatever is positive about the day that I can grasp onto for inspiration.

Take flowers, for instance. I never knew how much I loved flowers. Until I started looking for beauty all around me last year as I prepared for surgery. Enjoy simple beauty pause right now became my mantra.

I started seeing flowers everywhere. In the trees, the ground, the bushes, all around.
And this year, they are returning.

It’s ironic to me that they have always been there. The flowers. They have either been closed up waiting to bloom or I have been closed up walking by missing their beauty.

But now they pop!

Every single bud seems to catch my attention. Not in a smell-the-roses-sort-of-way. More in a now-I-notice-sort-of-being. It’s the noticing that counts.

And that’s what writing every single day does. I show up. I notice. The day counts.

You do too.
Thanks for showing up.
Thanks for being here.
Seen any flowers?

More tomorrow.

  {what did you notice today?}

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