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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 86 :: from the kale files

27 Mar

Happy Friday.

On this March Madness ramp up I am amazed at the madness happening in the garden. We haven’t done anything to it for months and yet the kale still grew through the winter.

And now it has turned to flowers. Who knew kale did this? Okay, maybe most people did, but I had no idea. It’s probably against some sort of gardening protocol but we’re still learning.

Spring is officially here. Even the kale is blooming.

Something else is blooming this spring too… I’m launching #LoveMoreDoMore #Sundays this weekend! They are insightful interviews with people who are doing amazing things, all in the name of learning more and sharing more…. so that you can do more!
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More tomorrow.

  {what do you have planned this weekend?}
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