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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 88 :: dog therapy

29 Mar

We have a problem. And it’s all my fault.

At some point in time, we (I) allowed Brady the Puppy to sleep in our bed. It started when he was a little pup and would bark his head off, squealing for bloody murder if we left him in a kennel at night. It’s a long story that ends up with him in our bed.

Then I had a round of 3 surgeries in less than two years and we somehow got the puppy out of the bed so I could recover. But he is a sneaky puppy. And I am a sucker. So Brady has maneuvered his way back into the bed. And when I say “in the bed” I mean under the covers. (It’s apparently a Vizsla thing).

After many sleepless nights I have called in the experts. Or rather, a targeted Google Search and then a follow up purchase on Amazon. I ordered a heated dog bed. One that cost more than our entire bedding set.

The theory was to get Brady a happy and comfortable spot all his own, with a heated bed (instead of seeking out our body heat under the covers).

The bed arrived! The bed is heated! The bed does exactly what it says it will do!
And somehow thirteen-year old Pup who already sleeps on the floor figured it out before Brady.

It’s now Pup’s bed.

But here’s the really cool thing. It has somehow rejuvenated Pup. Something about the heat has his joints happy and has put a bounce in his step. He even runs and jumps now when Brady wants to play.

It’s a therapy bed. Maybe not the sleep therapy I was looking for, but it’s bringing our older Pup bliss. And well, that’s worth every penny.

Night night!

More tomorrow.

  {what bliss is on your list?}
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