JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 107 :: when all is lost

20 Apr
Keep looking.

I’ve learned this lesson in so many different ways throughout my life. It seems when all is lost, whether it is love or in life or in jobs and wishes and passions and dreams …the answer is to just keep looking. 

Case in point: yesterday I was surprised to see this:

It’s a little plastic foot suction cup that adheres to the bottom of my computer in order to lift it off my desk and help cool the fans so it doesn’t overheat. A low tech solution that I found at Restoration Hardware for my high tech overheating problem.

It worked!

There are four suction feet. Months ago I lost one of these little grey footies. It just disappeared. I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I had to reduce my laptop to just two feet. They work, but not as great as four.

So yesterday as Justin chased Brady into the house and demanded that he spit an acorn out of his mouth I was surprised to see NOT an acorn (which the dogs try to bring into the house all the time) but instead a little grey plastic suction cup bubble up. It was covered in dirt. Not dust, rather the kind of dirt that builds up over months of rain and grass and mud.

This tiny little thing had been missing for months. MONTHS! Now, after months of a disappearance it has been found. Delivered to our door by the one and only Brady.

Now, I have suspicion that Brady probably hid it in the backyard to start with…but regardless I still believe that not all is ever lost.

You just have to keep looking.

Or maybe wishing. Possibly even dreaming about it until someone or something retrieves it for you.

More tomorrow.

  {what have you lost?}

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