JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 108 :: plank, plank it up!

21 Apr
It’s officially official. We have reached 30 seconds in the Plank Challenge. Some nights I think I can do more and hold it for ten minutes, other nights I’m ready to cave as ten seconds tick away.
I suppose that is the way of the modern world. Feeling like Superwoman one second, and then a total mess the next.

Maybe I wouldn’t appreciate the plank so much if I didn’t have a little struggle to hold it so tight? I suppose balance brings perspective.

Are you planking with us? Let me know how it’s going for you…
I hear it does a body good.

In other news…. Happy Earth Day. This is (apparently) the animal I am according to Google’s little logo game:

You’re a woolly mammoth!

So unique, you’re technically extinct, but on the bright side scientists hope to be able to clone you some day!

Here’s to being unique.

More tomorrow.

  {what is your latest challenge?}

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