JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 113 :: a geranium by any other name

26 Apr

I potted today. I meant to pot Geraniums.

I went searching for Geraniums at the nursery and came home with Marigolds and Dahlias and Asters. To me, these are all names that sound right out of the roaring twenties. Until today the only difference I could spot between these flowers was red, orange and yellow …colors, not form. 

I was searching for a red flower, since I wanted it to match our front door. I was on the hunt for Geraniums given the hint and advice from Jaynane. But inside the nursery I got sidetracked by the Dahlias, and then the Marigolds and finally ended up buying seeds for Asters too.

It wasn’t until way after I potted up all the plants that I realized I never bought a Geranium. I thought I did. But I didn’t.

Alas, all is well as all of these pretty pots now pop with a little bit of color on the front porch.  Which brings me bliss. And anticipation. 

Will the Asters grow? Can I keep the Dahlia alive? Will the Marigolds survive? 

If not, I guess I’ll just have to go out and buy a Geranium.

More tomorrow.

  {how was your weekend?}

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