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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 123 :: BFF forevs!

7 May
This is from today’s Bliss Files. Friends are forever but these two ladies put a whole new spin on being BFF’s for 94 years. They are each 100-years-YOUNG and I love them! 

It reminds me about how special lifelong friends are, and how extra-special growing old together is too. I want to be 100-years-young laughing and joking and not quite following what the young, hip kids are saying (whatever it will be by then).

So until then, all I have to say tonight is “You Go Girls!”

More tomorrow.

P.S. Next up! This Sunday is the next installment of live #LoveMoreDoMore Sundays! Find out how one woman is changing the medical world one gown at a time. I am so excited to interview Sharon Linder of Get JanesSign Up Here

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