JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 124 :: look beyond limitations

8 May
I came across this paragraph at the most opportune time tonight: 

I was stuck at the gym where I had LOCKED my keys in the car. Believe me I felt like a royal idiot as I waited for Justin to come unlock the car for me. Did I mention that I left the keys in the ignition. Yeah….. not one of my proudest moments.

But as I waited to be “rescued” I found a book sitting on the shelf right of the gym lounge in front of me. It caught my eye. I opened it up. The paragraph said… “You’re looking beyond limitations.”

It went on to point out that individuals who look past obstacles instead ofo into them get what they want.

It’s a good reminder to me. When we are stuck (either figuratively or literally without keys) it’s better to focus on where you want to go next than to stew in the spot in which you sit.

I thumbed through most of the book before Justin arrived. And I learned something today.
Look past the obstacle.

(Oh, yeah, and keep your keys in your purse).

More tomorrow.

P.S. Next up! This Sunday is the next installment of live #LoveMoreDoMore Sundays! Find out how one woman is changing the medical world one gown at a time. I am so excited to interview Sharon Linder of Get JanesSign Up Here

  {are you focusing on what you want?}

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