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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 124 :: and she chops! yard art heart

9 May
I have never chopped down a tree. Until now.

Actually, it was a bush. It just happened to be over 15 feet tall (I thought it was 30 feet tall but Justin believes it was 15 and I think he’s right). After this warm and wet spring our lilac bush had overgrown and was hanging over our neighbor’s side of the fence. So…

…I chopped it down to this (I read it will grow back and Spring is the best time to trim):

Then it turned into this gnarly pile:

Which Justin shaved down into parts like this:

And we painted like this:

And then I wired it all together on the kitchen table (almost giving up twice and almost crying at least once because it was so frustrating) but then Justin helped me hang it up on the fence and shape it into a heart:

And now we have this!

And I love it. Just another reason to not give up… on a lilac  bush, or an art project, or whatever else your heart desires.

With a little help it made for a blissful end to the beautiful Saturday.

More tomorrow.

P.S. Next up! Tomorrow is the next installment of live #LoveMoreDoMore Sundays! Find out how one woman is changing the medical world one gown at a time. I am so excited to interview Sharon Linder of Get Janes.

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