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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 132 :: getting dirty

17 May
It’s Sunday… which means tomorrow is Monday. And I find myself reflecting.

I took two whole days off this weekend and I re-learned a very good lesson. The mind needs a break and a pause every now and then… and I need to PLAY!

We had many playful moments this weekend. Movies, golfing, wineries…. even digging around in the dirt in the garden. Which brings me to this:

I, for one, never thought I would ever dig around in the dirt. Seriously. It’s like some alien life form took over my body and total disgust about getting dirty.

Well, to be honest, I wear boots and gloves in the garden. And then I go take a shower. But… the point is… there’s something about playing in the dirt that feels blissful. And now I know why. 

Soil is an antidepressant, brain cell booster! It’s all explained here in an article from The Atlantic. But all I have to say is ….Aha! I should have known.

You can bottle Bliss for free.
Naturally. You just have to get a little dirty.

More tomorrow.


  {bliss out}
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