JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 148 :: teams #lovemoredomore

2 Jun
One of my motto’s this year is #lovemoredomore. It comes from my belief that we can do more out of love and passion than out of fear.

Today I experienced an event of pure #lovemoredomore teambuilding bliss at Bottle & Bottega. We sat across from our teammates and painted their portrait trying to capture things we noticed (the true essence) of each other.

I painted Nancy, the CEO, in a Diet Coke dress because, well, she loves Diet Coke (and drinks it all the time!). I gave her some arms to rival Michelle Obama too because she works out all the time …but also because she is the strongest leader I know. And I had to paint in some glitzy glamour shoes too because, well, she loves shoes (girl after my own heart!).

But after all that, I have to admit, it wasn’t the painting skills or end product that mattered most. It was the thought-full-ness that counted. It was seeing each other for highlights and quirks and strengths and passions. The kinds of things that we only see when we look another in the eyes and honor them with the highest levels of respect (and a few giggles).

Even if the paintings didn’t turn out as a exact portraits they were made with something that lasts longer than paint and canvas. Human kindness.

And that reminds me of something…. it’s alway in the GIVING where the gift hides. A true root of bliss.

More tomorrow.

  {what did you give today?}

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