JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 154 :: summer camp bliss

8 Jun

I changed up my day today. Mostly because we are visiting family and “on the road” up here in the Northwest. I woke up to yoga. Worked a full day. Got sprayed with surprise sprinklers as I sat outside on a conference call. Played a set of late afternoon tennis. And enjoyed an outdoor picnic with fresh rhubarb crisp!

Tonight as we ate dinner outside under the cover of a summer cherry tree I said, “Today felt like summer camp.”

Then I thought in my head, “I wish everyday was like summer camp.” (And, that technically was not a complaint….it was a wish… right?).

Then I realized everyday can be like Summer Camp. Because Summer Camp is now. Summer Camp is present. Summer Camp in my mind is the total and sheer excitement of enjoying every single second, and anticipating every single next second with nothing but pure joy. (Minus a few bug bites.)

And that’s when I realized it.

It’s bliss. In it’s purest form. Hitting the tennis ball. Typing on my computer. Get sprayed with sprinklers. Biting into vanilla ice cream and rhubarb crisp. Soaking in every second for what it is. Allowing the next one to be even better.

It’s so simple even a child can spot it a campground away.
Summer. Presence. Right Now. Bliss.

More tomorrow.


  {what are you experiencing right now?}

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