JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 157 :: one minute fifty five seconds

11 Jun
The challenges continue over here. And we have officially made it to a plank just under 2 minutes! One minute and fifty five seconds to be exact. We almost gave up. Well, we did. Once we hit the 90 second mark we gave up planking the first time around. But we started again and have now set a personal best.

I’ll tell you. It’s a very realistic secret called “small increments” or baby steps.

Our first attempt at the 3-minute plank was by the book. And when I say “book” I mean a website that gave us the exact seconds to plank each night until we reached the magical number of three minutes.

It all started out great. Easy. Add five seconds a night here and then ten seconds there and before you know it you are at one minute and thirty seconds. But then….

The rules jumped to 2 minutes. Out of nowhere! Adding a full 30 second increment to the plank. We were still halfway away from our goal of 3 minutes and that’s where we stopped, failed, ran out of steam, bonked.

So this time around we are taking baby steps. Only five more seconds a night. (It was Justin’s idea). It’s working. Tomorrow we hit two minutes. Shaky, gut wrenchingly difficult, yes. But we are doing it.

Baby steps. Or maybe it’s baby planks?
Still, the lesson is not lost on me. It’s better to do something than nothing. It’s easier to take small steps than giant leaps. And small movements always lead to big results. 

More tomorrow.

  {small step?}

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