JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 162 :: blissfully disconnected

16 Jun
We boarded Amtrak’s Coast Starlight today at 9:30AM from Seattle’s King Station. In an hour we will end our train trekking adventure. And I feel like a little girl all over again, wheeeeee!

It’s the thrill of adventure running through my veins. The breathtaking scenery of crystal blue Puget Sound, mountaintop greenery and beautiful waterfalls. We even ate dinner in the Dining Car as the peaks of The Cascades whisked by.  I have the sense that I have been hurtling back in time to an era where rail travel was lightning fast technology and a thrilling escapade.

I’m sure back then passengers didn’t long for WIFI as I did today working from my computer on the train the old fashioned way. Disconnected. (But I didn’t complain.)

Being cut off from the rest of the world made it easy for passengers to play cards and talk to each other. They shared stories of their trip, pointed out places they were from (Cambodia, Montana, California, Arizona) and how they ended up on the train. One family was taking a year off. Another was visiting a niece for graduation. Another mom was bringing her 10-month old baby home on the train via doctor’s orders because the flight to Seattle almost blew the little boy’s eardrums.

We have climbed from sea level of Seattle to 426 feet in Eugene to 4,367 feet in Chemult. Now we are descending back down the mountain to our final destination for the night.

I have to post quickly as I upload from my phone, grabbing a sliver of WIFI from my personal hotspot. As the sun sets in the west I am reminded of how simple bliss can be …especially when we are hurtling through time…

…blissfully disconnected.

More tomorrow.

PS – will post photos tomorrow! 
{are you disconnected?}

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