JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 166 :: flowers and summer salad

20 Jun
Summer is officially here. And that alone brings me buckets of bliss. Like the hydrangeas blooming outside the door:  

And the lettuce cut straight from the garden:

and fresh raspberries too:

It’s a summer salad!

Summer is here, we are halfway through the year and I’m starting to get the hang of this bliss thing. I have the No Complaint Challenge to thank.

While I still haven’t made it to the requisite 21 days, I have learned much. In some odd way bliss is exactly the opposite of complaining, which the more I try not to complain I see how it is really an act of putting up a barrier, pointing out differences, seeing otherness. Separation.

Whereas bliss is different. Bliss more like…Appreciating. Allowing. Receiving. Joining in. Finding solutions. Accepting what is over what is not.

And I believe there’s a word that sums that up….

More tomorrow.

{what do you appreciate about summer?}


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