JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 169 :: save the spiders

23 Jun
I saved a spider today. Granted it was from the death of my own hands (or bottom of my shoe), but stillllllllllll……..I’d like to think I saved a life.

He was crawling around the bathroom. He was headed for the underside of the bathmat where he was sure to hide until my unsuspecting naked body stepped into the shower.

Instead of panicking I grabbed a glass jar and relocated him outside far, far away. Just like that. Spider saved.

I have the black widows to thank. Ever since we found the hour glass marked spiders on the bottom of the house it has made every other creepy crawly that much less creepy to me. I still don’t want to pet them or hold them. But…..

I think rescuing is enough. It will do. And I’d like to think that I gave a spider one more day of bliss. Crawl on. Outside. Somewhere else please. 

More tomorrow.

  {what bliss did you create today?}

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