JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 176 :: the hamburglar

30 Jun
Brady strikes again.
What was going to be our dinner tonight quickly turned out to be Brady’s great heist.

I should have known. Pup tried to tell me. I was sitting in the living room watching a scene from one of Justin’s favorite movies (High Fidelity) when Pup began pawing at my leg.

I told him to stop.
He continued to paw.
I asked Pup if he wanted to go outside.
Nope. He continued to paw. 

The next thing I knew Justin asked me to follow him into the kitchen.

“You have to see something.”
“What?” I asked not knowing what there was to see. Of course my first reaction was “Bugs! Ants! Spiders!”

Nope. It wasn’t.
It was The Hamburglar.

Three hamburgers totally disappeared. There were four patties waiting nicely on a plate, to go out to the grill. We should not have left them on the counter, but we did. And Brady spotted them while we were watching a 60 second scene from a movie.

Sixty seconds flat! Hamburgers gone.

With no trace but a few pieces of onion on the counter in their place.  There was one left on the plate, noticeably the furtherest one from the edge of the counter, where it was clearly too far to reach.

I, personally, can only eat one hamburger. But three. This little doggie ate THREE! Raw ones too.

And we know for a fact that it was Brady. One look at the plate that I held up in front of his nose and he beelined it to his kennel. Which was exactly what Pup was trying to tell me. Pawing at my leg telling on his four-legged brother. I should have listened.

Instead I went to the grocery store for dinner goods …AGAIN. Asking myself...Where’s the beef?

In the end Brady had his own little moment of bliss.
And we learned (another) lesson.

More tomorrow. 

  {what lesson did you learn today?}

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