JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 181 :: circle of women

5 Jul
As the USA Women’s Team takes home a win I’m moved by a circle of women tonight. Not those in the winners circle or those who lost the game. That’s not why it was so moving for me today. 
I didn’t grow up watching women play soccer. There wasn’t a World Cup for Women when I was little.

Oh sure I played soccer in the first grade. Or maybe it was the second? I’m not sure. I was so young I can barely remember what we did, other than run around in one big circle around the ball on the field while some parents herded us around the field. Too young to understand the strategy behind playing a position, it was more about someone trying to kick the ball. Anywhere. In any direction. Just kick it already.

After one season I opted for basketball, a sport that shot out of my hands instead of my feet. And one that had varsity status.

But times have changed. Soccer teams seem to be in every school and every grade. And the women who play the game are on national and worldwide TV. With fans around the globe. Wearing their nations flag. Cheering from corners of cities from around the world. It’s amazing. It’s inspiring. It really almost took my breath away.

But that’s not the circle of women I was moved by today.

It was the little girls walking out on the field next to the World Cup team players that made my heart take a leap and yell, “GOAL!”

They are the future. And who knows what’s in store for them? We can’t possibly imagine. But we can be there for them, standing by their side, helping them usher in a whole new way of experiencing winning, or losing, and the lessons of the game of life and sports.

Which is almost a birthright. Along with the 125 countries with women’s teams participating in the game. And that brings me to another circle of women I know. The ones who weren’t on TV today but who truly know what power that holds.

They are the women who came before me. The ones who paved the way. The passionate supporters of the game of sport for women. For their daughters to play. And now for their granddaughters to play. And the circle continues.

For the greater goal.
And that is a blissful day.

More tomorrow. 

  {what moved you today?}

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