JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 187 :: bliss and a vacuum

11 Jul
Our vacuum sucks. Now. 

But this morning it didn’t. Which was only discovered after Justin pointed it out after we had vacuumed the house. It led to me whining (sorry no complaint challenge) and asking for help. One vacuum taken apart into many pieces later (don’t ask me how) and finally the culprit was found.

My hair.

I have been losing the hair on the back of my head for almost a year now. After my last surgery the hair began to drift away. It’s apparently from the anesthesia. Every day I would pull out clumps and strands. Like they were jumping ship. Overboard! 

Turns out the vacuum took the brunt of their descent.

As we inspected the innards of our hoover (it’s really a Eureka) I had a eureka moment. My hair had wrapped itself around the inside roller, making it immobile which burned a hole in the belt. It literally snapped against the pressure.

Which means I have been cleaning house for some time now, imagining the carpet was spotless while my vacuum was secretly decommissioned.

The hair was so thick and wrapped so tightly around the roller I felt like I was giving my Barbie a hair cut. Which I did once when I was young. Be warned, Barbie’s bangs will not grow back.

But hallelujah! One trip to Home Depot later, and a few bags full of hair, dust and rug wool, the vacuum now sucks.

And so does the lesson. Sometimes when you think you are using the right tools you’re not. And I suppose that’s the moment you need to ask for help.

Also, that which you think you’ve lost can always be found… even if it’s inside of a vacuum!

More tomorrow.

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